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Do you have a deep yearning to transform the lives of the most disempowered people on our planet whilst bringing out the best in your team? Acting for good will enrich your life and create genuine engagement, helping retain your top talent.

Global Equity Brokers creates staff engagement/team-building events which are meaningful, purpose-driven, connected with and supporting your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility approach. Our current focus is corporate groups in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. We have brought joy and meaning to people in the world’s biggest transnational corporations by connecting them with opportunities to help the poorest people on the planet.

These videos show how, with our expertise, Microsoft staff built a computer laboratory in a remote village in Nepal; Morgan Stanley bank created educational material for children in Nepal and Vanuatu; and Hong Kong lawyers are researching property rights and corruption issues as a ‘game-changer’ for Africa.

Team building video

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We plug you into world need v3

HK lawyers link 

Hong Kong lawyers find a new purpose.

Green dot Hong Kong lawyers enjoyed a "very meaningful, unique teambuilding event" and linked through Global Equity Brokers to people in Africa needing their research help on property rights and corruption issues.


Msoft team link


Green dotA team of 800 staff at Microsoft designed, fundraised and then physically
built a computer laboratory after Global Equity Brokers connected them
with a school in a remote village in Nepal.


Inspired people link


Inspired people Act For Good.  Green dot

Elaine and Robert, working in Hong Kong for a transnational
corporation, and others around the world have a transformational
experience and go on to make changes in their everyday lives.


Elaine Campion link 

Green dot"If you stop caring... thousands of lives are going to be affected," said 
Elaine after taking her corporate team and senior Human Resources
department managers through a Poverty Simulation and strategic
Act4Good workshop.

"It was nothing short of transformational," Robert said after visiting a Global 
Equity Brokers partner in India.



Mandy link

The rewards of volunteering

Green dot “It’s not only that you’re doing it for others but you’re doing it for
your own happiness.” - Microsoft employees find that volunteering
gives them back as much as they give.


Morgan Stanley link

Green dotHong Kong-based staff of the global financial firm Morgan Stanley found they could help school children in a remote Himalayan school by creating and sending educational materials. Meanwhile the staff rediscovered their inner child, 
gathered together and had fun.


Charles Manning link 

Green dotA retired Environment Court Commissioner reviewed court documents and compiled a report, giving advice and assistance worth thousands of dollars to dispossessed families in India without even leaving his home.



Judy Lawrence link 

Green dot "It met my learning objectives... it's the aha moment (that every teacher
is looking for) that happened today," said the Head of Humanities
after 117 of her students experienced the Poverty Simulation.



Reaction 300x187px link 

Green dot "It radically changed my perspective"; "Being in poverty is so much more than not having enough money"; and "I want to donate $50," said 12-14 year-old students after experiencing a Poverty Simulation.




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